Cover Story

Andy Kohler of Buffalo, New York had been itching to build a Roadster for sometime, not wanting to be sitting on his death bed wishing he had, but never got around to it. So other projects went up for sale and parts were sold, including a few vintage Gibson guitars that Andy had been hoarding along with his only driving hot rod. He began gathering pieces and parts to build his ultimate Roadster in the fall of 2009. It was built using only parts that were available in 1953, with a few minor invisible exceptions and completed in the spring of 2010. Itʼs first long journey was to the Jalopy Showdown in Latimore, PA.

Andy bought the bulk of this project out of Ontario, Canada: Body, frame, axles, tires, brakes, from the HAMB classifieds and made the arduous journey back across the Canadian/US Border with a pile of a ʻ31 Ford Deluxe Roadster, an original ʻ32 Ford frame, a drilled, dropped and chromed ʻ32 Ford front axle, and a polished Halibrand Quick Change (Culver City 201) and a couple of boxes of parts on the trailer.

Itʼs a 1931 Ford Deluxe Roadster body on an original ʻ32 Ford frame. Windshield and top have been chopped 3 inches. Stock ʻ31 firewall. Hubcaps are ʻ40 Ford Deluxe with smooth trim rings. Stock ʻ40 Ford steel wheels 16” x4”, front tires are 5.50x16”, rears are 7.50x16”. It has a 10 gallon Ford Model T fuel tank (Andy stops for fuel about every 2.5 - 3 hours when he is on a road trip).