This turned out to be a great day ... I not only received a guided tour of the 200 plus cars, but since this business was started by Wayneʼs dad, Wayne had been around these cars his whole life and knew the story behind most of the cars that reside there.

As we walked through the woods Wayne told me one story after another ... one of a ʻ49 Ford that needed a transmission, Wayneʼs dad found a trans and installed it for $75. The owner didnʼt have the money to pay the bill, and here the ʻ49 still sits ...Then thereʼs the ʻ56 Buick 2 door hardtop with a 3 on the tree, that they could not find a trans for ...... to a ʻ50 Pontiac whoʼs owner had passed away and the car had been towed in and left. Years passed and just recently the son of the deceased called and asked about his dadʼs car ... to the manʼs delight Wayne told him he could come get it, but sadly for the Pontiac and everyone involved, the son has been diagnosed with cancer and the ʻ50 continues to sit there in the woods ... Then thereʼs a ʻ76 Granada that simply had run out of gas whoʼs owner just never returned. Amazing stuff.

The reason for this sale is our old friend (fiend) the EPA. Thanks to some site construction nearby dear olʼ EPA took notice of all the cars, and well ... you can guess the rest.

Wayne has had an offer from someone to buy ALL the cars on site for crushing, and right now the price of scrap metal is up! But Wayne hates to see the old iron crushed knowing that someone can Still Save them either as parts or whole cars. He would like to sell the whole car, but is willing to sell parts, and his prices are reasonable. There are lots of hard to find dash parts, chrome, stainless trim available out there in the woods.

Spread the word to your counterparts in effort to save what we each can to do our part as Keepers of the Tin.

You may contact Wayne at 434-535 8414. You might want to check soon, as we all know the EPA has no sense of humor.