From The Publisher

Joy of the Season
& Peace Throughout the New Year!

After a long Thanksgiving nap upon my awake, it all came rushing in at the quiet hour of 2 am while sipping on a glass of warm apple cider.

While the rest of the family slept, I found a certain contentment as I sat alone in the living room surrounded by stuff. Yes I know everyone has stuff, but this stuff had been acquired throughout the years from the numerous road trips in our old cars. Some stuff might even be valuable someday and some simply junk, kind of the same as our old cars ... but all the same, they are all treasures that bring me joy and peace throughout the year!

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Big John and I took a ride in the old Chevy, another trip to nowhere, a ride to get the juices flowing in the '54. These old hunks of tin are no different then us, ya' gotta keep 'em moving or they'll seize up and die.

The roads were void of any traffic, apparently the roads that lead to grandma's house were not the back country roads we traveled, we were out there alone ... How perfect is that! There was still enough color left in the trees to make the ride nothing short of beautiful and I couldn't help to think ...The world sure feels different looking through the window of an old car.

The peaceful ride in the old Chevy, radio delete, that Thanksgiving eve was sure different than that of the world of hard knocks that we face today in the real world. It dawned on me how lucky we are to be lost in a world of our collective vintage stuff that surrounds our homes inside and out. Being lost in a time gone-by warms my heart, and takes the modern day stress load down a notch.

It was a big deal back then ... when families would pile in the car and just go for a ride, like Big John and I still do, cruising back roads to nowhere and just happy to be together. After all you really don't need granny's house as an excuse to get up and go! Heck even the dog seemed to enjoy himself from the big back seat of that old Chevy watching the leaves chase behind the '54. Like the time warp of vintage stuff found in my home ... the world sure feels different looking through the window of an old car.

Thanksgiving has come and gone ... winter has settled in ... with a dash of luck your Christmas wish for parts and pieces were found under the tree or in your stockings hung with care hoping for nuts and bolts to be left everywhere! So let me remind you to keep the fluids flowing, get out in the garage and keep wrenching on your old stuff, no matter what it may be! Some might be valuable, and some simply junk, but all the same remember ... They are all treasures that will bring you the joy of the season and peace throughout the New Year!

Another live demonstration piece by Master Artist Bob Petillo captures the Bird of Prey Hood Ornament of the Chevy. Deep in the reflections of the hood, this photorealistic rendering creates a touch of impressionism. Giclee reproductions are available for $300. The Original Bird of Prey Acrylic Canvas 12 x16 available for $900.

Happy New Year Everyone!
"Never laugh at
anyone's dreams,
People who don't have
dreams don't have much"

Your Publisher,
Lea Ellen Dunham,
Still Runnin Magazine
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