A Tribute to Ted Glenn

"Still Runnin", I Wish!

For some time now we here at the magazine have been contemplating how to honor TED, you see Ted passed away before any of us could put into words a fitting tribute to the life of Ted Glenn of Ashland Virginia. While in the planning stages of an article, he left too soon and took too much with him! For those that had the pleasure of knowing him, words may be wasted. But for those of you that never had the pleasure, here are a few words that hopefully will make you stop and ponder, who do you know that is "Still Runnin" and has so much to offer?

I use the magazine title because it was so apropos for Ted's story. If any of you are lucky enough to know anyone like Ted, and there are few, if any, please take these words to heart and truly take time to learn from "The Greatest Generation", a quote from Tom Brokaw, actually I think the title of his book. People like Ted had a perspective on life that seems lost, to me anyway, these days! A time when you had to be smart, not just educated! Ted was 25 years my senior. You'd never know he was 85, based on his youthful energy, the bounce in his step, his sharp mind and attitude towards work and life, even death. Aside from his vigor, it was his knowledge that impressed us all, his ability to keep things "Still Runnin", he had a knack for most things mechanical, especially old cars! If anyone could keep a heap runnin it was Ted, whether a Farmall M or a Greyhound bus.